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Anu murya Web series

Anu murya Web series Biography

Anu Murya, also known as Annu Morya, is an Indian actress who has become very famous on the internet because of her roles in bold Indian web series that you can watch on different streaming apps. She’s 38 years old and is known for her captivating and passionate scenes on screen. She’s naturally attractive and has worked in many projects before she became well-known for her bold acting. Here are 5 of the hottest web series she’s been a part of:

  1. Naqaab- Primeplay: Annu Morya played a sizzling role in this one, making it a must-watch for her fans.
  2. Dosti – Primeplay : You won’t want to miss Annu Morya’s scorching performance in this web series.
  3. MaalaMaal- Primeplay: Annu Morya set the screen on fire with her steamy scenes in this series.
  4. Adla Badli – Besharams App: Check out Annu Morya’s bold and passionate acting in this popular web series.
  5. Pehredaar – season 5 – Prime play : Annu Morya’s captivating presence makes this web series one of her hottest works.

Anu Maurya is an Indian model and actress who primarily appears in Hindi web series. She is relatively new to the entertainment industry but has quickly gained fame. Anu Maurya is well-known for her bold acting. Her breakthrough role came in the Flat Screen Primeplay Web Series. She initially impressed her fans with her performance in the first four episodes, but she truly turned heads and stole the spotlight with a sizzling hot threesome scene in the last episode.The next year, she featured in the web series ‘Dosti.’ Anu has also taken on roles in the recent web series ‘Nain Sukh’ in 2023.

Anu murya Web series List

Pehredaar – Season 5 (prime play )

Pehredaar is a story all about an old custom with in a fictional town , after marriage the daughter in law should give first baby having intercourse with father in law , it was a very embarrassing custom , even though the daughter in laws accept as taboo to continue happiness in the family .

Adla badli – behsarams app (2023)

A mother concern about his impotent son , how she over gained his impotency for the future generations

Adla Badli 2 – besharams App (2023)

Adhuri Aas – Primeplay (2023)

Story about a lonley women and her sexual fantasies

Parivarthan – Primeplay (2023)

This story is all about a widowed daughter in law and in laws relations and their physical needs .

Nain Sukh- Besharams App (2023)

This story is all about a guys who gained eye sight by donor who watches romantic videos and how his news eyes troubles him through out his life .

Buddha Pyar – Hunters App (2023)

This story is all about a old age man loves a women whos age is half of him , and how he convinced his in laws to stay in their house

Naqaab – Prime play (2023)

Story about a chachi , how will she uses everyone for her husbands political gain.

Good Luck – Besharams app (2023)

This story about a person with good luck enters into a family and how his good luck changes entire family

Maala maal – Primeplay (2023)

This story about a lady and her rich property , every one wants her property and suddely she dies and every one have their own motive to killer her.

Dosti – Primeplay (2023)

Flat screen (2023)

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