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Big movie zoo is a content based App which produces Web series , Short films , Movies and More in Multiple langauages is a zoo for all your entertainment. Big Movie Zoo is an online worldwide OTT platform that offers a more variety of genres. Like drama, horror, suspense, thriller, Romantic and comedy.

Rooh (2020)

This story is about a married couple, between whom, due to some mistake, a cruel soul is born, which causes painful death to those who pass through there.

  • Mandeep Kaur,
  • Shakespeare
  • Ritik
  • Shayam
  • Manoj
  • Mukesh

Genere : 18+ , Hot , ROmance , Horror

Language : Hindi

Killer (2020)

The story of a man who, unknowingly, became a heartless murderer from Aashiq, and began to find pain, death a fun game. After all, what happened to him, see to know

  • Naina Shetty
  • Palak Khan
  • Vikrant Singh Rajput
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Pawan Pandey

Release Date : November 8 , 2020

Mary aur Marlow (2020)

A romantic comedy series starring Arshi Khan and Akshay Mishra. Directed by Anirudh Kumar, the series revolves around two romantic couple Mary Aur Marlow.

Release Date : 27 November 2020 (India)

Tikadam Baaz (2020)

Tikadam Baaz is a Sex-Comedy web series, the story of 3 Idiots friends who try to fulfill their sexual desire and do get into trouble.

Release Date : 3 December 2020 (India)

Puppy Love (2020)

Release Date : 11 December 2020 (India)

Asli Sukh (2020)

ASLI SUKH is the story of a husband who wants to keep his wife happy in every situation! But when he fails to give ASLI SUKH, then he keeps a driver who makes his wife get ASLI SUKH.

Release Date : 18 December 2020 (India)

Malkin (2020)

A unique story of sex, lust, deception and revenge that makes you think !!

Release Date : 25 December 2020 (India)

Khoon Bhari Maang (2020)

Khoon Bhari Maang is the story of an Aceh couple, who love each other immensely and want to get married too, but something happens that causes the two to separate !!

  • Ayesha Pathan
  • Nitin Dahiya
  • Karan Singh
  • Gaurav Singh

Release Date : 1 January 2021 (India)

Aiyash Pati (2021)

Aiyash PATI is a story of a husband who hook up with his every maid and wife’s friend, then what does his wife do to teach him lesson.

Release Date : 8 January 2021 (India)

Ye Kaisa Sukun (2021)

When Asha does not get real love from her husband, then she decided to leave the house, then what does her father-in-law do that Asha changes their decision.

  • Pallavi Sahebrao Vawale
  • Sourav Kumar
  • Vihan Verma

Release Date : 15 January 2021 (India)

Shadi Se Pehle Ding Dong (2021 )

  • Ayesha Pathan
  • Mandeep Kaur
  • Abhimanyu Sharma
  • Navneet Singh
  • Aseem Ahmed

Release Date : 22 January 2021 (India)

Pyaar Ka Koi Rang Nahi (2021)

There is no color of love, this story of love buried between bestial pain and pain seems very colorless. Then one day a color comes in their life, and makes life beautiful, see this story to know what color it is .

  • Pallavi Sahebrao Vawale

Release Date : 29 January 2021 (India)

Gym Teacher (2021)

Story : This story of relationships, trapped in the vortex of sex, gives rise to a crime that destroys relationships, lives as well as lives. See this story to know what happens next.

Release Date : 5 January 2021 (India)

Rubi Star – Big Movie Zoo (2021)

Ruby Star is a nagina who knew very well what her price is. So beyond the looks of the world, dazzling and lustful, she achieves her place with simplicity, see what the Ruby Star story is.

  • Mandeep Kaur
  • Ayesha Pathan
  • Shalini Gupta
  • Aseem Ahmed

Release Date : 12 January 2021 (India)

Maa Ka Ladala Bigad (2021)

Mother’s love is beyond the rules of nature, a love affair, which stirs the faith of how many .. Know what happens, see this story

  • Milita Gore,
  • Vihaan Verma
  • Gaurav Singh

Release Date : 19 February 2021 (India)

Hostel (2021)

This story is about a couple who captures their delicate moments on camera, and then succumbs to something untoward that would probably end with a terrible death. After all, to see what happens, see this story

  • Myra Singh Rajput,
  • Isha
  • Raj Sinha
  • Praveer

Release Date : 26 February 2021 (India)

Bhootiya Ghar (2021)

The ghostly house, the soul burning in the fire of the Havas, makes its prey to such innocence that they don’t feel like an untoward, and when reality comes to them, they are trapped in a place where they only know death. Watch this story to learn

  • Isha Sakiya
  • Sunit Sharma

Release Date : 5 March 2021 (India)

Laila (2021)

This story is about a beautiful and clever girl whose trap is not even known is robbed of everything. Try to learn the story of Layla

Release Date : 2 April 2021 (India)

Asli Sukh: Love Letter – Big Movie Zoo (2021)

Taking one’s lust to the extreme limit is the real happiness, to the one who thinks that this story makes us aware of the truth. After all, what happens, watch this story to know.

  • Mahi Kaur,
  • Aafrin Khan
  • Sheikh Md Asad
  • Nidhi Yadav

Release Date : 23 July 2021 (India)

Gupt Gyan | Napunsakta | Sex Education (2021)

This story is about a person who wants to do a lot in his life, but due to physical problem, he is not able to be happy, then he gets the solution of that problem, and his life changes, watch to know secret knowledge.

  • Sharanya Jit Kaur
  • , Mahi Kaur ,
  • Yug.

Saali Aadhi Gharwali (2021)

Embarrassing the dignity of relationships, this story weaves such a web of lust, where one sister destroys another sister’s house. Watch this story to know what happens after all.

I Am Sorry Teacher (2021)

A story where there is no threshold of limits, if anything, it is a fuzzy world filled with lust, greed and momentarily changing emotions. Watch this story to know the story of guru and disciple’s relationship.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Akeli Hai – Big Movie Zoo (2021)

A sex addicted girl, forgetting her limitations, does all that is beyond the rules of society.. To what extent lust can take a person, you will see in this story.

  • Sana Khan
  • ,Shalini Panday
  • Asif Anwar,
  • Nitin Tambe,
  • Sourav Singh
  • Vikas Singh

Rocking Dad (2021)

This story is about a father, who gets so engrossed in his fun, and when that boundary of the relationship is broken, he does not even know himself, due to which the sacred relationship of a father and son is broken. To know, watch Rocking Dad.

  • Ritika Ansari,
  • Asif Anwar,
  • Dev Vyas 

Restigate (2021)

Asli Sukh – Dhoka Big Movie Zoo (2021)

Ghutan (2022)

  • Vaanya singh
  • Pooja Naik

Maal Paani Sexy Sauda

Ruks Khandagale

Gup Chup NRI CLient

  • Jinnie Jazz
  • Leena Singh

Maal Paani Andha Sasur

  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Ruks Khandagale

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