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Neonx Originals is an online streaming platform where you can enjoy hundreds of movies and Hindi webseries. We also produce Neonx Vip originals with steamy content. In today’s time, everyone needs something to release the stress. There is nothing better than out-of-the-box content full of double meaning jokes and raw lovemaking scenes. At NeonX VIP, we also publish some of the finest Bollywood movies that you can enjoy alone or with your partner while cuddling and kissing. Our Indian Movies app enables you to enjoy all our content seamlessly on any device. With Neonx Vip, you can be assured that every night is going to be stress-free and glorious. As we produce content in Hindi and other regional languages, it makes it easier to form a connection with the characters. These movies, short films and series have great storylines that will give you a topic of some hot discussion with the spouse or your naughty friends. You can also share the videos with friends or on social media by linking our app or website. NeonX VIP is the most affordable, high-quality content website. We have been rated as one of the top Video-On-Demand platforms by our users. So get hold of the best entertainment website. Subscribe today!ChatGPT

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Neonx Originals Actress List

Aksha Siddiqu

Rozi raj

Sonam Gupta

Kajal Chouhan

ROSHNI aka Ranjana arora

Pari Raj Siddiqui

shilpa thakur



Sanjana Tusamband

Riya Gupta

Alka Raj


Gargi khakhalary

Neha Ahensai

Kamini Aka Moni Singh

Rekha aka Pooja


Aiza Fatima


Sana aka Rekha Verma

Riya aka Mansi More

Poonam aka Vaishnavi Kalaskar

Hema aka Ganga verma

Pushpa aka Pooja

Ayushi bhowmik



Preeti puneet Kaur

aslin Aka Subhasmita panigrahi


Neonx Originals Series / Movies List

Flashpoint -2023

Starring : Pari / sapna / himesh

In a picturesque little town, there lived an enchanting woman named Pari, affectionately known as Bhabhi to all the residents in the neighborhood. She was renowned for her philanthropic spirit and the radiance of her smile, which captivated the hearts of both the young and the old. Pari was a cherished member of a respected family and had a younger brother-in-law, Himesh, whom everyone affectionately called Devar.

The connection between Pari and Himesh transcended the conventional boundaries of in-laws; they were confidants, soulmates in a familial sense. From their early years, they grew up in each other’s presence, their friendship deepening with time. They shared laughter, confided their secrets, and stood steadfast by one another’s side through every challenge. Their relationship was built on a foundation of trust, empathy, and unwavering love.

Dirty Doctor -2023

Starring : Vijay and Kamini

Dr. Vijay and Kamini’s love story serves as a poignant inspiration to all who encounter it, proving that love can emerge in the most unexpected of circumstances. Their remarkable journey underscored the significance of empathy and understanding, showcasing the beauty of embracing love, even when faced with formidable challenges.

Desi Beauty – 2023

Starring : Rocky & Ritu

Mallu Bhabhi and her husband are the very embodiment of love and sophistication. Her radiant beauty, adorned in attire that perfectly complements his charisma, is a sight to behold. Together, as a couple, they exude an aura of warmth and togetherness, a living testament to their deep appreciation for their culture and the love that binds them.

Dulhan Farar – 2022

Stars : Gargi , Vihsal , anu

In a sudden twist of fate, the bride decided to flee from her own wedding because she couldn’t bear the thought of marrying the man she was supposed to. As she made her escape, she coincidentally crossed paths with a groom who was also on the run. He, too, had cold feet and had no desire to go through with the wedding. They began sharing their stories, finding solace in each other’s company, and quickly developed a deep friendship.

As time passed, their connection grew stronger, and they decided to take their relationship to the next level, dating and eventually tying the knot. However, on their wedding night, things took an unexpected turn. The groom was unable to satisfy his new wife, which led to a heated argument between the two.

In the midst of their disagreement, the groom left the room, leaving his distraught bride behind. Shortly after, the groom’s father entered the room and found the bride sitting in the corner, tears streaming down her face. In an attempt to console her, he reassured her by saying, “Don’t worry if my son is not able to fulfill your physical needs.”

The situation remained unresolved, leaving both the bride and the groom in a state of confusion and emotional turmoil.

candy Shots – 2022

Stars : Eecha And Anirudh

Rajni Bhabhi 2.0 – 2023

In a peaceful corner of a tranquil neighborhood, there lived a young boy named Vijay. He was a radiant and endlessly curious child, constantly eager to unravel the mysteries of the world around him. Right next door to Vijay’s home, in the same serene neighborhood, resided a kind and generous woman named Rajni. She was affectionately known as Aunty Rajni by everyone in the community, and her radiant smile had the ability to brighten anyone’s day.

From the moment Vijay and Aunty Rajni crossed paths, they formed an extraordinary connection. Aunty Rajni enveloped Vijay in her warm embrace, showering him with love and tenderness akin to a doting grandmother. She often beckoned him over for mouthwatering homemade dishes, filling his young heart with both delectable flavors and delightful stories from her own youth.

Waah Mausi -2023

Satarring :Sharuk / Kajal gupta/ Himesh

In the bustling city of warmth and love, there resides a woman named Kajal, known as “Mausi” by her beloved nephews, Sharukh and Himesh. Mausi Kajal was always embracing her nephews with open arms and a heart full of love. Sharukh, the elder of the two, possessed an adventurous spirit and curiosity for the world. His eyes sparkled with wonder at every new discovery, and Mausi Kajal was his constant companion in these explorations. They would spend hours into books, discussing science and history, and sharing stories of bravery and inspiration. Mausi’s guidance and support Looked Sharukh’s inquisitive mind, allowing him to dream big and reach for the stars.

Of course, here’s a unique version of the story:

In the vibrant heart of a city filled with warmth and affection, there resided a woman by the name of Kajal, affectionately referred to as “Mausi” by her adoring nephews, Sharukh and Himesh. Mausi Kajal was the epitome of unconditional love, always welcoming her nephews with open arms and a heart overflowing with affection.

Sharukh, the elder of the two, possessed an insatiable thirst for adventure and an unquenchable curiosity about the world around him. His eyes glittered with wonder and excitement at each new discovery, and Mausi Kajal was his constant companion in these thrilling explorations. Together, they would lose themselves in the pages of books, engaging in lively discussions about the realms of science and history, and exchanging stories of valor and inspiration.

Mausi Kajal’s unwavering guidance and boundless support became the wind beneath Sharukh’s wings, nurturing his inquisitive spirit and allowing him to dream beyond the confines of the ordinary, reaching for the very stars in the sky.

Maali – 2023

Starring ; Sapna / Reshma / Rajesh / Rozi

In the sprawling gardens of the Malkin estate, Maali toiled tirelessly, caring for the vibrant array of flowers and plants that adorned the property. His unwavering dedication and tender touch were evident in every bloom, attracting the admiration of Malkin, the gracious and benevolent owner of the estate. She often found solace in the garden’s beauty and frequently observed Maali’s diligent work.

Each time their paths crossed, Malkin felt an unexplainable connection with Maali. His passion for nurturing the plants resonated with her, and his gentle demeanor left an indelible impression. One day, Malkin mustered the courage to engage Maali in conversation. They delved into the intricacies of various flowers and exchanged tips on the best methods to care for them. Malkin was captivated by Maali’s profound knowledge and captivated by his warm-hearted nature. In their exchange, a subtle spark began to flicker between them.

As days turned into weeks, Malkin and Maali found themselves increasingly drawn to one another in the garden’s enchanting ambiance. They shared not only their thoughts on horticulture but also their dreams and aspirations. Malkin discovered that Maali harbored a long-cherished dream of owning a garden of his own, a dream he thought was beyond his reach.

Moved by her growing affection for Maali and inspired by his dream, Malkin knew that she wanted to make it a reality for him.

Dance Bala -2023

Starring : rocky and rozi

In a bustling city, Aanya, a talented dancer, was overjoyed to receive an invitation to showcase her skills at a prestigious dance event. With grace and precision, she moved to the rhythm of the music, captivating the audience. Amidst the sea of faces, her eyes serendipitously met Rajs, a stranger in the crowd. In that moment, their hearts resonated in perfect harmony. As the night unfolded with enchanting spins and captivating melodies, an unexpected love began to blossom between them.

Lust Secrets -2023

Starring : alkaraj and Gosai

The relationship between a producer and an actress is a dynamic and pivotal partnership within the realm of entertainment. One such alliance that has entranced both audiences and industry insiders is the collaboration between Gosai, a gifted producer, and Alka, a versatile actress. Their partnership has yielded numerous triumphs, underscoring their prowess in crafting captivating and enthralling content.

Gosai, renowned for his impeccable taste and visionary approach, consistently demonstrates his adeptness at selecting projects that deeply resonate with viewers. He has a keen eye for recognizing Alka’s immense talent and an innate ability to harness her skills to breathe life into characters on the silver screen. In return, Alka holds in high regard Gosai’s commitment to storytelling and his capacity to cultivate a supportive and collaborative working environment. This remarkable synergy between producer and actress has yielded a string of remarkable achievements in the world of entertainment.

Disco Bhabhi- 2023

Starring : Himesh and Pari

In a quaint village nestled amidst the serene embrace of picturesque mountains, resided a young man named Himesh. His reputation was one of a kind-hearted and charismatic individual. Recently, Himesh’s elder brother, Vikram, had entered into a matrimony with a woman of remarkable beauty named Pari. As destiny would have it, Himesh and Pari discovered a connection that transcended the typical bonds of brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

From their very first meeting, a unique and profound understanding blossomed between Himesh and Pari. Their affection for each other was genuine and deep, forging a connection that went beyond convention. Hours would melt away as they delved into conversations about life, dreams, and aspirations. Pari held Himesh’s intelligence and ambition in high regard, while Himesh treasured Pari’s boundless compassion and elegant demeanor. Together, they navigated the highs and lows of life, supporting each other through moments of triumph and consoling one another in times of adversity.

Chachi 420 – 2023

The bond between a chachi (aunt) and bhatija (nephew) is a distinctive and cherished connection that occupies a special place in the rich tapestry of Indian culture. It transcends the mere ties of blood, characterized by profound affection, invaluable guidance, and a strong sense of camaraderie. This relationship is treasured for the warmth it exudes and the enduring memories it weaves, symbolizing the profound importance of family bonds in Indian society.

Desi Sabjiwala -2023

Starring : Reshma

In a lively market in a small town, there were two sabjiwalis, Ahensai and Reshma, who brightened the day for countless customers with their fresh produce and radiant smiles. Amidst the bustling market, one customer stood out – Meeth, a young man who made it a daily routine to visit their stall and purchase vegetables. What initially began as a simple exchange of goods soon evolved into a deeper connection.

Meeth found himself captivated by Ahensai’s charm and her friendly demeanor. As he selected the ripest tomatoes and the freshest carrots, their conversations became increasingly frequent. Ahensai, too, was drawn to Meeth’s kind and gentle nature, and their interactions at the vegetable stall soon transcended the boundaries of a typical customer-seller relationship.

As time passed, Ahensai and Meeth began to venture beyond the market. They met outside, strolling together, and shared the stories of their lives. In each other, they discovered shared interests and values, their bond growing stronger with every passing day.

However, their love story was not without its share of challenges. Ahensai’s conservative family did not approve of her relationship with Meeth, primarily due to their differing communities. Despite facing staunch opposition, Ahensai and Meeth remained steadfast in their love for each other. Determined to overcome all obstacles, they chose to defy conventions and be together, regardless of the challenges that lay ahead.

Naqaab – 2023

Starring : Eecha and Anirudh

In this intriguing, uncut story, on their honeymoon night, the husband surprised his wife by entering their room dressed in a police uniform. He took a solemn tone and declared that all the jewelry she was wearing were, in fact, stolen goods.

As his wife looked on in shock and confusion, he continued with an enigmatic expression, saying, “But fear not, my love, for I am not here to accuse you of any crime. I am here to tell you the tale of these jewels, a story that you may find both fascinating and astonishing.”

With a mixture of curiosity and trepidation, the wife listened intently, unsure of what secrets her husband might be about to reveal.

Falaq Bhabhi – 2023

Starring : Preethi and Aryan

Devar gifted a pair of jeans to his sister-in-law (bhabhi). When she expressed concerns about her size, Devar reassured her that she looked great. They then measured her waist for the jeans, with Devar putting his hands gently around her waist. However, things took an unexpected turn when Devar lost his balance, and they ended up in an accidental close embrace. They quickly realized the awkward situation and shared a friendly laugh. This incident created a unique bond between them, and they continued to share lighthearted moments in the years that followed, until Devar had to move away.

Hidden Romance -2022

Starring : Gargi /Preeti and Aryan

In a classic Bollywood tale, a pilot and an air hostess shared a secret attraction that had been brewing for years. They worked together, sharing the same skies, yet were hesitant to open up about their feelings.

Every day, the air hostess went about her duties, striving to keep passengers happy, all the while wondering if the dashing pilot was the one she had been waiting for. Then, one fateful day, her intuition was confirmed, and she discovered that the pilot was indeed the person she’d been pining for.

As soon as her shift ended, she hurried to the airport and patiently waited for his return from his flight. When he finally touched down, she stood at the gate, eagerly anticipating their encounter. Nervously, he mustered the courage to ask her out online, even though she had long hoped for this moment.

Several weeks had passed since they had last seen each other after their previous flight, and a new journey was about to begin. The pilot had made his move, and the air hostess replied, “I will give my response when we meet.”

Finally, the day arrived when they were rostered on the same flight. However, amid the hustle and bustle, the pilot momentarily forgot to establish a connection with the air hostess. The plane touched down, and they both headed to a beautiful resort.

Once there, they found themselves gazing into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity. He leaned in, and their lips met, igniting a passionate romance. In a heartfelt moment, he presented her with a ring, sealing their love.

The next morning, they embraced, cherishing the special connection they had found. With a renewed sense of purpose, they boarded their flight, ready to conquer the skies together, their love soaring to new heights.

Rozi Bhabi -2023

The bond between a devar (brother-in-law) and bhabhi (brother’s wife) is a truly distinctive and exceptional relationship that occupies a significant place within the rich tapestry of Indian culture. This connection transcends the boundaries of conventional familial ties and extends into the realms of friendship, trust, and unwavering support. It is a profoundly beautiful and meaningful association that often serves as the bedrock of a harmonious and closely-knit family unit.

Within the intricate fabric of Indian society, the devar-bhabhi relationship is firmly anchored in a foundation of deep respect and genuine affection. Right from the moment a bhabhi becomes a part of her new family, she is welcomed with open arms and showered with warmth and care by her devar. He assumes the roles of her confidant, guardian, and partner-in-crime. Together, they embark on the journey of navigating the myriad twists and turns of family life, weaving an unbreakable bond with every shared experience.

Liala -2023

“Laila” is the captivating narrative of a woman who, out of necessity, enters the world of providing companionship as a call girl to make a living. Her story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a better life. Laila’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of a world where she offers her clients exceptional and sought-after services, keeping her in high demand.

Laila’s character is multifaceted, going beyond societal stereotypes. She approaches her work with professionalism and dedication, striving to provide the best possible companionship to her clients. Her services are more than just physical; they encompass emotional support, understanding, and a genuine connection, which distinguishes her from others in the industry.

The narrative delves into the complexities of Laila’s life, showcasing the challenges she faces and the personal sacrifices she makes to secure her financial stability and independence. It also explores the relationships she forms with her clients, some of which transcend the boundaries of a professional transaction and develop into genuine, albeit unconventional, connections.

“Laila” is a story that challenges preconceived notions and invites readers to reflect on the choices individuals make when circumstances force them into unconventional paths. It is a tale of empowerment, resilience, and the ability to find strength and humanity in unexpected places, all while navigating a world often misunderstood and stigmatized by society.

Dusky beauty -2023

“Dusky Beauty” is a tale that unfolds in a serene village, where a young woman marries a man hailing from the bustling city. The central conflict of the story lies in the stark contrast between the village life she knows so well and the sophisticated urban culture that her husband desires her to embrace.

The protagonist, a dusky beauty, finds herself stepping into a world that is vastly different from the one she’s grown up in. Her husband, deeply rooted in city life, wishes for her to become acquainted with the customs, traditions, and ways of the city. He believes that this cultural adaptation is essential for her to thrive and feel at home in her new environment.

As the narrative unfolds, the story explores the challenges and joys she encounters while trying to bridge the gap between her rural upbringing and the urban culture her husband values. It delves into her struggles to adapt to the fast pace of city life, its modern amenities, and the social dynamics that are so distinct from her village. The tale also highlights the strength of their love and the compromises they must make to build a harmonious life together, even in the face of cultural disparities.

Ultimately, “Dusky Beauty” is a heartwarming story that portrays the journey of a woman trying to understand and integrate into a new culture, all while cherishing her roots and staying true to herself. It serves as a reminder of the power of love and the willingness to embrace change for the sake of a shared future.

Sweety Bhabhi -2023

“Sweety Bhabhi” is a story that revolves around a woman who, due to an unfortunate incident where her devar inadvertently saw her bathing, becomes entangled in a complex and unconventional relationship that challenges societal norms. The story explores the consequences of this incident and the choices made by the characters involved.

Dhokha -2023

“Dhokha” is a poignant tale of a housewife who endures the heart-wrenching experience of her husband consistently spending his nights with another woman. This ongoing betrayal leaves her in constant turmoil, especially when it comes to the well-being of her child. The story takes a dramatic turn when her husband unexpectedly marries a bar girl and introduces her into their home, shattering the fragile balance of their family life.

Poonam Bhabhi -2023

“Poonam Bhabhi” is the narrative of a woman whose husband grapples with the challenge of erectile dysfunction, leading her to frequently encourage him to seek medical solutions like medication. The story revolves around their journey to address this issue and the impact it has on their relationship, highlighting the importance of communication and support in overcoming such obstacles.

Blind Love -2023

“Blind Love” is a compelling story that centers on a girl deeply in love with her boyfriend. However, beneath the surface of her affection lies a nagging suspicion that her boyfriend may be secretly dating her best friend. The narrative delves into the emotional turmoil she experiences as she grapples with her feelings of love, trust, and doubt, ultimately exploring the complexities of romantic relationships and the challenges they present.

Hot champa -2023

“Hot Champa” unfolds in the luxurious setting of a five-star hotel and follows the life of Champa, a maid who works diligently behind the scenes. Her captivating charm and allure draw the attention of a client who finds himself irresistibly attracted to her. Little does he know that Champa is more than just a maid; she’s a skilled con woman with a hidden agenda. The story unravels the complexities of their relationship, shedding light on Champa’s hidden motives and the client’s unsuspecting infatuation.

Silk Uncut – 2023

“Silk” is a story about a woman who enjoys being intimate from time to time, but her husband is always busy playing video games on his phone. One day, she tries to bring some excitement back into their relationship by wearing sexy clothing to seduce her husband. It’s about her attempts to rekindle the romance in their marriage.

Uncle No.1 – 2023

UUCLE NO 1 Is Story Of Old Age man And Young Girl, The Girl Need The old man Because She loves Very Soft one That’s why She bondage The old Man to Seduce Him.

Erotic SPA – 2023

“Erotic Spa” is a story about a man who visits a hotel offering spa services. This hotel is known for providing special, more intimate spa services upon a client’s request. The narrative likely explores the man’s experience and the unique services offered by the hotel.

Hotty Naughty -2023

“Hotty Naughty” is a story about a husband and wife. The husband is going through a tough time with his business, facing financial losses and stress. Meanwhile, his wife is supportive and passionate. She steps in to help her husband through these challenges and plays a crucial role in their journey to recover and succeed together.

Mardana Sasur -2023

“Mardana Sasur” is the story of a 76-year-old man who tragically lost his two sons in an accident. Despite this loss, both of his daughters-in-law choose to stay with him. The old man provides emotional support and companionship to his daughters-in-law, ensuring they never feel lonely in their shared journey. This story emphasizes the strong bond and mutual care among family members during difficult times.

Dulhan -2023

The wedding night symbolizes the start of a new life together. It’s a night filled with love, excitement, and anticipation for both the bride and groom. Traditionally, it’s the time when the couple consummates their marriage, coming together intimately for the first time. However, it’s crucial to understand that every couple’s first night is personal and unique, and there’s no single correct way to celebrate it.

Playboy -2023

“Play Boy” is a story about two women who share a love for watching web series. After viewing a particularly enjoyable series, they become very happy and decide to hire a playboy to fulfill their needs. This decision is influenced by their excitement after watching the web series. The story explores the consequences and experiences that follow this choice.

Tenant – 2023

The story of the house owner, Reshama, and her charming tenants, Anuj and Raju, is a heartwarming tale. Although Reshama had been cautious about renting her property, she felt at ease with these two. As they interacted while handling repairs and rent, they discovered a shared passion for books and coffee.

Their evenings grew longer as they delved into conversations about their favorite authors and explored the local coffee shops. Reshama found herself eagerly anticipating their talks and cherishing the warmth of their smiles. In time, both Anuj and Reshama realized their feelings for each other and confessed their love.

Dhanno ji – 2023

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful bride named Dhanno, who found herself in a dilemma. She had two suitors, both equally charming and kind, and she couldn’t bear to choose just one. So, Dhanno came up with a bold idea: why not marry both of them at the same time? After much consideration and careful planning, Dhanno’s unique wedding ceremony became a reality, with both grooms standing proudly by her side as she exchanged her vows.

The wedding was a joyful and unforgettable occasion, with an overwhelming sense of love filling the air. While some might have considered Dhanno’s decision unconventional, it brought her happiness and fulfillment in her new life with both her loving husbands by her side.

Damad Ji – 2023

“Damad Ji” is a story about a young couple facing a challenge in their relationship. The husband is struggling to satisfy his wife’s needs, which leads to a situation where the wife seeks assistance from her experienced mother. In this story, the mother, drawing from her wisdom, steps in to help resolve the issue and guide the young couple towards a better understanding and fulfillment in their relationship.

Fragnance – 2023

The subtle, tender scent that exists between a husband and wife forms a beautiful tapestry of love, connection, and understanding. This intangible fragrance goes beyond mere words, enriching the fabric of their marriage and fostering an atmosphere of affection and solace. Much like an enchanting perfume, this special aroma holds the ability to conjure cherished memories, keeping the flame of love alive.

Rajo Bhabhi – 2023

“Rajjo” is a story about a woman who resides in Mumbai with her husband. After two years, her husband leaves for work abroad. She eagerly waits for him to return on her birthday, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he can’t make it. As a result, her carefully laid plans for the day are shattered.

However, her husband’s brother steps in to make her birthday a truly beautiful and memorable one, filling the void left by her husband’s absence. This story highlights the importance of family and the capacity of loved ones to bring joy and happiness, even in challenging times.

Chaska – 2023

“Chaska” is the tale of two boys who had planned a holiday at a 5-star hotel. Unfortunately, their girlfriends couldn’t join them due to some issues. Feeling a bit lonely, they decided to hire an escort for companionship. Uncertain about where to find one, they called the hotel’s reception for assistance. To their surprise, the hotel provided them with two escorts, leading to an unexpected turn of events during their holiday.

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