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Orhan Awatramani Palak Tiwari feud

Orhan Awatramani Palak Tiwari feud:

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, conflicts and controversies among celebrities often take center stage. The recent clash involving Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry, and actress Palak Tiwari has stirred up quite a storm. A leaked WhatsApp chat, shared on Orry’s Instagram story, sheds light on the rift between the two, leaving netizens intrigued and speculating about the underlying tensions.

Unveiling the WhatsApp Chat Drama: Orhan Awatramani Palak Tiwari feud

In a surprising turn of events, Palak Tiwari initiated a conversation with Orry through a WhatsApp message, stating, “Orry, Palak here. If it’s an apology you want.” Orry’s response, a middle-finger emoji, set the tone for a heated exchange. Palak, seemingly apologetic, continued with, “Out of respect for Sara, I’m saying it.” Orry, however, stood his ground, insisting, “No, babe. Either you apologize out of self-respect because you don’t know how to talk.” The exchange concluded with Palak stating, “I’ve said my apology,” against the backdrop of Orry’s picture.

Orhan Awatramani Palak Tiwari feud

Netizens React

Orry’s decision to share the chat publicly ignited a flurry of reactions from internet users. On Reddit, a user speculated about the possible involvement of Sara Ali Khan in the dispute. The user questioned Orry’s actions, pondering, “Would he have done the same thing to Suhana? Ananya? Khushi? He is too scared to pull all that nonsense with any of them.” Another user expressed curiosity, asking, “What happened between Sara, Palak, and Orry?”

Orry’s Previous Feud with Shruti Haasan

This isn’t the first time Orry has found himself in a social media feud. Recently, he engaged in a public spat with actor-singer Shruti Haasan, labeling her as “rude.” During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, Orry disclosed that Haasan was disrespectful to him at an event, even though he had facilitated her entry. Haasan responded by stating, “I treat people exactly the way I am treated.”

Confusion and Speculation

The leaked WhatsApp chat between Palak Tiwari and Orry has left netizens puzzled, with many attempting to decipher the context of their disagreement. While the details remain unknown, speculation suggests that Sara Ali Khan might be a common link in the feud. Netizens are actively discussing and speculating on the unfolding drama, adding an air of mystery to this social media controversy.


In the realm of celebrity conflicts, the clash between Orry and Palak Tiwari adds another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving drama on social media. As netizens eagerly await more details, the leaked WhatsApp chat continues to spark conversations and speculation, underscoring the impact of digital interactions on the public perception of celebrities.

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