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Besharams App Actress Names

The entertainment industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, largely driven by the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming services. Among these, Besharams App has emerged as a formidable player in the world of online content delivery. In this article, we will explore the rise and impact of Besharams App, which is shaping the way we consume movies and television shows.

The Advent of Besharams App

Besharams App, a dynamic OTT streaming platform. While it may not have the history of some industry giants, it has quickly gained prominence and made a name for itself in the competitive world of online streaming.

  1. A Fresh Approach: Besharams App has taken a unique approach to content delivery, aiming to provide viewers with an extensive library of uncensored, unapologetic, and edgy content. This bold approach has garnered attention and set it apart from traditional streaming services.
  2. Original Content: Similar to other OTT providers, Besharams App has invested significantly in producing its exclusive content. These “Besharam Originals” have become a cornerstone of its success, offering a wide range of genres to cater to diverse tastes.
  3. User-Centric Design: Besharams App has focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. Features like personalized recommendations and user profiles enhance the user journey.

The Impact on Traditional TV

Besharams App’s entry into the market has not only disrupted traditional cable and satellite TV but also challenged the conventions of mainstream content delivery.

  1. Redefined Boundaries: Besharams App’s content, which often pushes the boundaries of conventional entertainment, has opened up new horizons for creators and consumers alike. It’s becoming a hub for content that might not find a place on traditional TV.
  2. The Power of Choice: The platform’s vast library of content provides viewers with an unprecedented degree of choice. Besharams App embraces on-demand viewing, enabling users to watch what they want, when they want.
  3. Global Reach: Besharams App, although a newer entrant, is making its presence felt on a global scale. The platform’s ambition is to expand to various markets and adapt to local preferences and regulations.

Challenges and the Road Ahead

While Besharams App has rapidly grown in popularity, it faces several challenges in its quest to redefine the OTT streaming landscape.

  1. Competition: The OTT space has become increasingly crowded with well-established players. Besharams App must continue to innovate and differentiate itself to maintain and expand its subscriber base.
  2. Content Quality: Maintaining the balance between edgy content and quality is crucial. Besharams App must consistently deliver content that resonates with its audience while avoiding controversies.
  3. Global Expansion: As Besharams App expands globally, it must navigate different cultural norms and regulations. Adapting to these diverse markets while preserving its unique identity is a significant undertaking.


Besharams App is redefining the OTT streaming landscape, offering an unprecedented level of choice and edgy content that appeals to a growing audience. Its unique approach to content, investment in original productions, and user-centric design have contributed to its rapid rise in popularity.

As Besharams App continues to evolve and expand, its success will depend on its ability to adapt to the changing landscape and maintain a strong connection with its viewers. It is clear that Besharams App is here to stay and is poised to play a significant role in the future of online entertainment.

Besharams App Web series List :

Adla Badli Season 2

Badalte Risthe

Akalmand Junglie

Nain Sukh


Besharams App Dhoka Webseries is all about In a big house, there was a rich mom named Leelavathi with two sons and a daughter. The younger son, Lalit, had a disability and had a hard time finding someone to marry because people judged him for his disability. His mom, Leelavathi, came up with a plan to switch Lalit with his sister Mohini during the wedding, so the bride wouldn’t know he was disabled.

The wedding happened without anyone realizing the switch. But on the first night of the marriage, the bride, Sraddha, found out the truth when she discovered lalitss wheelchair. What happens is the rest of the story .


Maalik webseries is all bout In the quiet village , a wealthy businessman Malik wanted to build a factory. The women in the village, mothers and daughters, saw this as a chance to provide better jobs for their children. They were determined to impress Malik seducing him in many angles and even wore traditional clothes to showcase their skills and unity.

Their efforts, along with the support of the whole village, convinced Malik to go ahead with the factory. The women’s determination and unity ensured a brighter future for their children and turned village into a prosperous community.


Ritu Pandey’s decision to accept a second marriage proposal from a doctor was a significant turning point in her life. While Ritu was willing to give love another chance, her daughter, Reema, was initially vehemently opposed to the idea. Reema couldn’t fathom the thought of her mother being with someone new and had a strong dislike for the doctor who had come into their lives.

However, over time, the dynamics within the family began to shift. The doctor, who genuinely cared for Ritu and her daughter, made consistent efforts to be there for both of them. He tried to connect with Reema and understand her perspective. He showed kindness, patience, and a genuine desire to be a part of their lives. Slowly but steadily, he began to win over Reema’s trust and respect.

Reema, on the other hand, started to see the positive changes in her mother’s life. She observed how her mother seemed happier and more fulfilled with this relationship. Ritu, too, made an effort to ensure that her daughter didn’t feel neglected or pushed aside due to the new relationship. As a result, Reema began to understand that her mother’s happiness was paramount.

Under different circumstances, Reema also encountered situations where the doctor’s presence proved to be a blessing. He provided support, care, and guidance during tough times and emergencies, demonstrating that he had their best interests at heart.

Guru Dakshina

Guru Dakshina is all about a father and son , both crave for a women , suddenly a teacher along with her sister came to their house to rent . Son and father will take advantages towards both of them . Even teacher and her sister knows how to handle them , but comes with twist .

Good Luck

Good luck is all about a person who is in bad luck , suddenly his planitery moments changes and becomes luck by marrying a wealthy women , but that family faces series of bad lucks personally and professionally , to overcome this they took their maid suggestion and went to meet an astrolger who convices them to have a illegal affair with the good luck person suppose to be their son -in – law and brother – in law . How do they approach him will be rest of the story .

Ghar sasur

Adla Badli Season 1

Damad ji

Arjun’s life took an unexpected turn when he got arrested for mismanagement at his office. This event shocked his family, which now consisted of four ladies, including his mother-in-law Rani Pari, his stepsister, and his stepmother Kamalika Chanda. Arjun had never been on good terms with Kamalika, and their relationship had always been strained due to various conflicts and misunderstandings.

With Arjun behind bars, it was up to his new son-in-law to take charge and look after the family, which was a challenging responsibility. This sudden change in dynamics forced Arjun’s family to put their differences aside and come together to support one another.

Kamalika, despite the past conflicts, understood the gravity of the situation and realized that they needed to work together as a family. She reached out to Rani Pari and Arjun’s sister, and they all decided to put their differences aside for the sake of their family’s well-being. They started to bond, support one another, and share the responsibilities that Arjun had previously shouldered.

As the days went by, the family began to mend old wounds, growing closer and learning to appreciate each other’s strengths and contributions. Arjun’s new son-in-law played a vital role in bringing the family together and helping them navigate through this challenging period. His active and caring nature made it easier for everyone to adjust to their new family dynamics.

Besharams App Actress List :

Kamalika Chanda

Rani Pari

Rani Pari is a versatile talent known for her work as an actress, model, and fashion influencer. Her prominence in the entertainment industry reached new heights with her captivating performances in various OTT web series. Rani Pari garnered recognition for her roles in TV series like “Sauda,” “Adhuri Aas,” “Maangalik,” and “Choti Bahu.” However, she is perhaps most celebrated for her role in the Prime Play app web series “Pehredaar 3& 4” where her acting prowess shone brightly. With a compelling on-screen presence and a growing fan base, Rani Pari continues to make her mark in the world of entertainment.

Ritu rai

Neha gupta

Neha guptha is an Indian Actress famous for her roles in Behsarams App “Damad ji” . Wow originals “complimentary message” ,”langoot “”Dirty entertainer ” Primeshots “chapa“. “Harami ” Digi movie plex ” 61-62 aadla badli ” Kundi Original “Kuwari dulhan ” , Voovi Originas ” pyaar idhar udhar ” and more

Anu maurya / Anu Murya

Anu Murya, also known as Annu Morya, is an Indian actress who has become very famous on the internet because of her roles in bold Indian web series that you can watch on different streaming apps. She’s 38 years old and is known for her captivating and passionate scenes on screen. She’s naturally attractive and has worked in many projects before she became well-known for her bold acting

Alendra Billl


Bharti Jha

Bharti Jha is a young and talented actress who has gained recognition in the Indian entertainment industry through her unique roles in Bhojpuri films, web series, and music videos. Her debut in movies came with “Shaadi in Bhojpuri by Chance” and “Aghori.” However, she truly rose to fame for her lead role in the Ullu web series “Doraha” in 2022.

Additionally, Bharti has appeared in “Farebi Yaar,” “Paglet 3,” and “Babuji,” all available on PrimePlay. She has also featured in various series on both well-known and lesser-known OTT platforms, showcasing her potential as a rising star in the industry

Ruchitha Shukla aka Ruhee

Piya roy

Priyanaka Chaurasiya

Priyanka Chaurasia, a prominent Indian actress and model, has left an indelible mark in the world of entertainment. Known for her compelling performances in web series such as “Samay Yatra,” “Dosti,” and “Ranjish,” Priyanka has captivated audiences with her versatile acting skills.

Ishika Bose

Pihu Aka Poonam Verma

Shubhangi sharma

Malvika Tomar

Malvika Tomar, a talented actress and model hailing from Uttar Pradesh, India, has rapidly risen to fame in the world of fantasy web series. Her captivating performances have endeared her to audiences across the country. Malvika’s journey to stardom includes collaborations with popular Indian OTT platforms like Prime Play, Hunters, and Besharams, where she has graced several web series, including “Guru Dakshina,” “Ilaaj,” “Maalik,” “Budha Pyar,” and more. Her future in the world of entertainment looks promising, with more exciting projects on the horizon.

Social Media Sensation:
One of the key factors that set Malvika Tomar apart is her active presence on social media, particularly Instagram, where she boasts a substantial following of dedicated fans who admire her. Her posts and updates keep her followers engaged and connected to her work and life beyond the screen.

Brand Ambassador and Model:
In addition to her acting and modeling ventures, Malvika has become a sought-after brand ambassador, representing various esteemed brands. Her recent photoshoot for the brand Specify showcased her stunning beauty and undeniable charisma, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.

The Bright Future Ahead:
Malvika Tomar’s journey in the world of entertainment is on an upward trajectory, and her dedication to her craft, coupled with her striking looks, serves as an inspiration for aspiring actors and models alike. As she continues to shine in the realm of entertainment and beyond, audiences can look forward to more captivating performances from this rising star.

Web Series:

  1. “Mardani Sarpanch” (Upcoming)
  • Lead Cast: Malvika Tomar, Kamana Newar
  1. “Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka” (Release Date: 27/09/2023)
  • Lead Cast: Ritu Rai Acharya, Malvika Tomar, Pooja Singh Rajpoot
  1. “Aakhri Iccha” (Release Date: 15/09/2023)
  • Lead Cast: Gurmeet Kaur Sidhu, Poonam Rajput, Malvika Tomar
  1. “Malik” (Release Date: 29-07-2023)
  • Lead Cast: Priyanka Chaurasia, Malvika Tomar
  1. “Ilaaj” (Release Date: 28-07-2023)
  • Lead Cast: Kamalika Chanda, Malvika Tomar, Priya Roy
  1. “Budha Pyar” (Release Date: 12/07/2023)
  • Lead Cast: Deepak Dutt Sharma, Anu Morya, Priyanka Chaurasia, Malvika Tomar

Malvika Tomar’s journey in the world of entertainment is undoubtedly one to watch, and she continues to make a mark with her talent and charisma, promising an exciting future in the industry.

Pihu Singh

Nikki Prajapati

Ritu Pandey

Angelina poulina

Tripti Berra

Kaira sehgal

Jullie Borra

Julie Borra is an Indian Actress who predominantly worked in OTT like Besharam App , Prime play and Huters App . She is famous for her acting web series like “Dhoka ” ( besharamApp) ,”Bima babu “(Hunters app) and “Anokha Ristha “(prime play app)

Gurmeet kaur aka Gungun

Kamana Newar

Kushi Dulgach

Ritika surya

Dhanashree Wankhede

Jiya sen

Nikitha Bharadwaj

Jayashree Gaikwad

jayshree gaikwad has portrayed captivating characters in a range of web series, captivating audiences with her acting prowess. Some of her acclaimed projects include “Paglet,” “Pehredaar,” “Bidaai,” and “61 62 Sachchi Saheli.” These roles have not only highlighted her versatility as an actress but have also earned her a dedicated fan base.

Boby chouhan

In the world of online entertainment, there’s an actress who’s making a big impact with her bold and daring acting. Her name is Bobby Chauhan, aka Smitha Yadav, and she’s redefining what it means to be bold on internet TV.She is famous for her Webseries and Bold Uncut content like “Badalte Risthey ” by Besharams AppPyaari Malkin ” “Waiter ” “Dost ki girlfrined ” and more from Kotha App

Naughty Couple – Kotha App(uncut version )

Chicha Ki Laeki- Kotha App (Uncut version )

Pyaasi Malkin – Kotha App (Uncut Version )

Dost ki Girlfriend -Kotha App (Uncut version )

Waiter – kotha App (Uncut version )

Badalte Risthey – Besharams App

Tina Nandi

Tina Nandy is an Indian Actress and Model , Know for her Bold Photo shoots and Bold Acting in Web series which made a super hit model and Busiest Actress in Adult OTT Industry . Tina Nandy originally hails from Bongaigaon (Assam ). Tina was 1st runner up in Adrija Ami Amar Moto (Eastern India’s fashion show) in 2019. Tina started her career with print shoot and brand endorsement. She came to limelight when she started work with India’s popular OTT web series. Her major web series were Mastermind which released on EightShots OTT, Tinasutra (Part 1 and Part 2), Marriage Anniversary (Episode 1 and Episode 2) , Wife is Gold (Episode 1 and Episode 2) and Suhaag Raat . Tina started working in Indian adult OTT industry in July 2020. She made her mark with Ladli Boudi web series which was also a hit.

Rups Khan

Rups Khan has gained recognition for her roles in the films “Aakhri Iccha” (2023), “Adla Badli” (2023), and “Adhuri Aas” (2023).

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